VentSaver Vent Pipe Guards: About Us.

This ingenious new vent protector product adds support and strength to your vent pipes and chimneys while the innovative fin design cuts through and assists in shedding the snow and ice from your roof.


"Our Company History"
VentSaver History:

In 2002, we pioneered the way for the industry’s first patented stack and chimney saver products called the Ventsaver FB-151™ and the larger Ventsaver P-383™. This product became essential for us to stock because we had so many customers that were misapplying snow guards in an effort to try to protect their roof vents and chimneys. This product was the perfect solution to that problem. VentSaver vent pipe protectors work well with in conjunction with snow guards for improved satisfaction.

VentSaver: The Cricket Eliminator

Our Business Philosophy

A legacy of offering only quality products.

Today, more than 42 years later, I am proud to continue my father’s legacy with integrity. SnoBlox-Snojax is recognized in the metal construction industry as a trustworthy, nationally known manufacturer whose predominant business is snow retention.

Our customers are our most valuable asset and we are committed to excellent customer service, “Hands on Ownership” and providing the industry with the highest quality snow guard systems and vent protection available on the market, at the best possible price with an unconditional warranty!

Our mission is to meet the constantly changing needs of the metal roofing industry by continuously researching, developing, professionally testing and marketing the “Best of the Best” and we plan to be of service for generations to come!

Brion McMullen, President



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