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This product includes a 12” long by 27" wide mounting base with a 4”x12” fin, and a stainless-steel aircraft cable that can secure pipes and chimneys up to 14” diameter.  It is ready to be secured to screw down/PBR style panels with the included fasteners.  Each fastener must get embedded into structural material under the metal panels.  The VentSaver EZ is mill finish but it can be painted, or powder coated by the customer, if desired. The standing height is 9”-12” depending on roof pitch. The VentSaver EZ Screw Down Mounting Plate Kit contents include a 1/4” thick, 27-inch-wide screw down mill finish aluminum mounting plate, 12 three-inch roofing screws with neoprene washers, a tube of all-weather metal roof silicone, and a .063 inch thick aluminum Ice Ramp with a protective rubber trim strip.

VentSaver EZ with screw down mounting plate