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This premium product is powder coated Gray and includes a 12” long mounting base, a 5” x 18” fin, two Wing Plates that create a 14” wingspan, and a thick stainless-steel aircraft cable that can secure pipes up to 14” in diameter.  It is ready to be secured to screw down/PBR style panels with the included fasteners and spacers.  Each fastener must get embedded into structural material under the metal panel.  When installed in this fashion, it has a standing height of 14”-16”, depending on roof pitch.  For customers in heavy snow areas, we recommend adding the SD VentSaver Mounting Plate and Height Extender.  The included Wing Kit may not fit all panels without modification, unless the optional SD VentSaver Mounting Plate is used. The optional mounting plate will allow a strong and secure mounting base for the Wing Kit and optional Height Extender, if desired.  The Wing Kit does an excellent job of protecting the base of the pipe and boot by diverting the snow and ice around the pipe. Adding the Height Extender, with its 2 thick stainless steel cable straps, to the pipe or chimney, adds an extra layer of protection.   The optional Height Extender provides a total of 25” to 27” and secures the pipe or chimney, under extreme snow conditions. The optional Height Extender can significantly increase fastener pull-out loads; therefore, it is always necessary to install the included Wing Kit as well.  In many cases, the optional Height Extender may eliminate the need for extended chimney support brackets.

VentSaver HD with SD Mounting Plate and Height Extender