The VentSaver products will help prevent crushed vent pipes by splitting and diverting the snow. This ingenious vent guard product also adds support and strength to your vent pipes, chimneys, or masts. The innovative fin design cuts through packed ice and snow, causing the snow slide to divert around the pipe, and to assist in shedding the snow and ice from your roof. Installation is quick and easy. VentSaver is made from high-quality, non-corrosive, aircraft-grade aluminum, stainless steel cable, and comes with stainless hardware. VentSaver vent pipe snow guards prevent crushed vent pipes by adding support to the stack pipe or chimney while splitting ice and snow around vent pipes.

This unique product can be used with or without snow guards. If damaging snow slides are a problem, we recommend installing snow guards as well as the VentSaver snow diverter products. Metal roof snow guards help prevent snow slides by allowing snow and ice to melt completely or drop off in small amounts. We also recommend installing snow guards on upper roof areas to prevent the impact of snow and ice dropping from unprotected upper roof areas onto roof areas with the VentSaver installed.